high voltage BMS

1. Supports current collection at the end of two halls or two diverters with the maximum update rate of 10 times per second.
2. Support four power connectors temperature collection function (B+\B-\P+\P-).
3. Two-channel 100 Mbit/S Ethernet for cascading adjacent battery clusters.
4. Equipped with three fully isolated CAN2.0b bus interfaces.
5. Three isolated RS485 ports are available.
6. Support pulse ACC input signal.
7. Support SOC/SOH self-learning.
8. Supports the Bootloader upgrade. Applications CAN be upgraded online through a network port or CAN bus.
9. Supports the slave control communication interface in Daisy chain mode.

Additional information

Battery Types


Communication protocol


Operating Voltage

Min~Typ~Max: 9~24~36V(±1%)

Cell Collection Channel

6~512 Route

Range Of Voltage Collection


Range Of Current Collection


Temperature collection-Collection Channel


Temperature collection-Collection Range


Storage Condition-Temperature


Storage Condition-Humidity (No Water-Drop)




high voltage BMS

Protection function description

  • Various protection functions for charging and discharging
  • Hardware discharge over-current, short-circuit protection function processing
  • Over voltage, under voltage, temperature and overload protection function processing of software
  • Accurate SOC calculation with automatic SOC learning function
  • Reserved RS485, CANBUS communication
  • UART communication function, can read all data of battery in real time and upgrade online
  • Balance voltage ,longer lifespan


tk bcmu


Abinet type energy storage, ships, tractors, etc

high voltage bms energy storage


Our Advantages:

  1. One-stop solution from empty board to finished board.
  2. High yield :SPI test,X-ray,AOI test,QC,100% functional test.
  3. Efficient and professional service,R&D with more than 60 engineers.
  4. Certifications:ISO9001,IATF16949,UN38.3、CE、FCC、CB、UL
  5. Provide OEM&ODM service
  6. Full coverage monitoring by ERP&IMS system
  7. 100k dust-free workshop


16s50a bms

3 reasons

  1. A safe product and full compliance with certificates in the lithium battery industry, enabling you to use our product worldwide with no restrictions.
  2. We make every effort to supply sustainable BMS solutions. You can expect more than 500 cycles or 2.5 years shelf life.
  3. We are your true BMS partner because we care about efficient service. Our future service center, in Europe, will be on 24 hours standby for your convenience.


16s50a bms

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Tritek is your ODM & OEM partner , and we pay close attention to your requirements.

Inquiry Form

Tritek is your ODM & OEM partner , and we pay close attention to your requirements.